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September 1987. ‘Seems to us you need some cheer. So here we come with Color Gear.’ ~ Hallmark


 Hollywood hair Barbie doll 1993

spandexual said: the main thing I remember is “PULASUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” tbh

OMG yes, the fortune teller’s place is so freaking weird. there are like those giant dancing people in there with no explanation whatsoever. i had to go in there a million times to figure out what to do next in the game..


Vintage Estate 1983 Cabbage Patch Playtime Record (via MADVintology)

spandexual replied to your post: my brother and I finally beat this gam…

my brother and I used to rent it every so often but we never finished it, it’s so weird and cool though!

i just now saw your reply! that’s how my brother and i found out about it too; we used to rent it at the local video rental place back in the day. it is such a goofy game but so much fun! i love when you get into the giant robot and he has his own theme song.